Both in its formal dimension and in the narratives that accompany its elaboration, architecture frequently uses concepts in a resolutely operative dimension. These are mobilized at the interface of the analysis and creation processes, an evaluation-inventive process.

Organise the retreat

Voluntary act, and opportunity, as an opportunity to give shape to urbanity. Also get out of anthropogenic pressure to give back to nature, to renature, to re-wild. Putting yourself at a good distance, keeping in respect, also allows new spacing as so much shared territory of the project

Reception and exploration

Any work of architecture is immersed in an environment of human and non-human life as well as in an environment of history and architecture. It can either suggest to everyone to isolate themselves, or on the contrary encourage the inhabitants to explore this or that aspect of the surrounding life and its history, whether it is about society or nature.

Let it through, let it go

Organize natural regulations, requalify their rights-of-way, cultivate anti-dike fringes, ecologically and socially reprogram these tidal flats, allow them to circulate, Engage in new dialogues along and across, new areas of friction,

Shelter and escape

Shelter is a cultural arrangement of the world that allows humans to adapt to the diversity of natural conditions and to establish boundaries between openness and closure to the presence of others and that of elements and non-human beings. . Only a dialectical relationship between shelter and escape makes it possible to avoid confinement in the shelter.

Make the hazard visible

Organize waiting, anticipate, show, recognize the amplitude of the hazard before it becomes invasive and destructive Prepare safety routes, share landmarks of vitality and the threat of hazards, offer previously inhabited shelters

The invention of a mystery

Effect of a set of signs clearly belonging to the architectural work, which offer the appearance of a system, but of which neither the project nor the realization provide the meaning. By offering a point of mystery and the possibility of several interpretations, an architectural work creates a space for debate and therefore invites its inhabitants to invent the terms in which the place can be understood, seen, experienced, appreciated and transformed.

After the fact: rebuilding, but differently

Get back on track, initiate a transition, anticipate the remedial in the preventive,

Engagement with nature

It constitutes the pragmatic side of the awareness of the presence of nature and the fragility of living things. The commitment implies an awareness of the existence of the other non-human, a concern for this other and an interiorization of the care for the relationship that one maintains with him.

Sitting on the potential of damaged soils and basements

Stabilize and recompose suitable and adaptable substrate soils, to support living environments and rebuild, consolidate urban areas


They are the elements of a form that has disappeared from the material existence of a place whose architecture makes a metonymic use by making them visible. The traces open the possibility of imagining the present place inhabited by forms of previous life. They are opposed to the simulacrum of the reconstitution, because this as a representation signifies the difference between the present time and the past time.

More than a single envelope: compose filters, protections, thresholds

Keep fuel loads and nuisances at a distance, Create new thresholds, stratify,


Sensible properties of architecture at the scale of the building or the neighborhood, which allow us to perceive it under two opposing phenomenal aspects: on the one hand as a space expressing a principle of reality, on the other hand as a space of 'a metamorphosis.

Settle down with prescription and lightness, in a world where everything moves

As close as possible, but on condition refusing absolute waterproofing, playing together seasons, natural rhythms and urban and urban flows, Cultivate lightness, temporary installation, dismantling, the seasonal retreat of inhabited landscapes,

The paths

Reduce intensity and live together

Space out, put yourself at a good distance and offer new opportunities for encounters to maintain sensitive aesthetic familiarities with nature and living things.

The fault

Arrangement making sensitive the discontinuity between two routes in a whole or a district which contradicts the physical continuity of the fitted out space and introduces a questioning that the management leaves unanswered.

Rethink the homogeneous infrastructure and initiate multifunctional and heterogeneous responses

Understanding the reality of dikes, VRD infrastructure, existing roads, recycling the source of cultural and technical nuisances. Engage in proactive and prior changes, Anticipate to reduce the development of risks, accelerate metamorphosis, bring out morphological, programmatic and eco-systemic opportunities.

Inventive analysis

Architecture can invent a multiplicity of interpretations insofar as it offers in addition to practical and material reality a metaphorical aspect which allows the imagination to take off. This is what I call a metamorphosis. In order to offer a horizon without fixing a meaning, it is located at the limit between abstraction and representation.

Bring back to dialogue the built-up areas and the geographic background

Compose and articulate small gestures by participating in improvements of higher scales by synergies, articulate symbioses when the forces present can harmonize, recalibrate hierarchies and orders of magnitude, accept to put an end to the pressure land