Uncertainties and risks aren’t pure, groundless, physical production. They’re always territorialized and arise each time within a specific geographical, climatical, urban or industrial context. Each site, each urban-entity, possesses its own terrestrial address, coming with its own latitude, longitude and altitude. Walking along a path opens up different spaces than those which are produced by tracking the isotropic coordinates X, Y and Z. They are always territorialized and emerge within a specific geographic, climatic, urban or industrial context. Each site, each urbanity has its own land address, unique in latitude, longitude and altitude. Engages on the way in relation to space very different from what the location in coordinates X, Y and Z of isotropic space produces.

Uncertainty, followed by risk, emerges within a specific geographical zone, where they contribute to the identity of place and environment. Rather than give rise to a normative logic that is wary of these elements, taking them into consideration considers the fact that they are constitutive and indissociable elements of landscape, atmosphere, urbanism and biodiversity. Their living presence also contributes to strengthening the unique geographical character of their terrestrial address. Taking them into account, rather than initiating a normalizing logic that would be suspicious of these data is here aware of the fact that they are constitutive and inseparable from landscapes, atmospheres, urbanities and biodiversity, and that their vivid presences participate also a reinforcement of this geographical uniqueness of their land address.